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January 7, 2015 • Articles

While traveling through the beautiful landscapes of the Balkans, you will encounter an amazing country that will, once you visit it, make you come back over and over again. This country is Croatia, one of the most precious gems of Europe, located in the crossing of Middle and Southeast Europe; a perfect location for making it one of the most diverse countries that has a lot to offer to its visitors. The beauty of Croatia is admired in the different sights and attractions that it contains, from mountains in the North across the central part where the cities like Zagreb lie, to the South where the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea and long, sandy beaches are awaiting your arrival. Croatia is a country that has something for everyone, whether you are a fan of historical heritage, natural beauties, of parties that never stop or you just want to find some peace and quiet on your vacation. Whatever your thing is, Croatia is the place to be.

One of the most amazing and probably best-known places among several national parks in Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is famous for its unique landscape that includes the wooded area with 16 bigger and smaller lakes with stunning emerald green color. The lakes are made of small rivers and streams, and are interconnected by waterfalls. The diverse landscape of the Plitvice Lakes is not something you can find everywhere; this park is stunning for anyone, and for those who are amazed with its natural beauty, it is a true peace of heaven. The real splendidness of Plitvice Lakes can’t be denied, and that is why it was recognized by the UNESCO as a part of the World Heritage.

Croatia old townIn the inland of the country is the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. The City of Zagreb is famous for its historical and cultural architecture, numerous museums, historical quarters and many more, dating from the age of Baroque till today. The charm of Zagreb will capture you and lead you to the enchanting places it treasures for decades and centuries.

While approaching  the South, before you hit the numerous islands in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, you will encounter coastal towns like Zadar, Šibenik, Split and others with original architecture that will take you back to the old times when the first residents walked down the narrow, cobbled streets. One of the most popular towns in the coastal area, not only in Croatia but the whole Mediterranean, is certainly Dubrovnik. It is a prominent tourist destination  filled with great number of historical and cultural sights. The most popular part of Dubrovnik is the Old Town, and the city itself is considered a part of the World Heritage.

Getting further South and diving into the waters of the Adria, you will find an array of wonderful islands that make the coastal part of Croatia so Island Korčula Croatiafascinating. Besides the incredible natural resources on islands like Hvar, Korcula, Krk, Rab, Brac and Pag,  you can still see some of the traditions and customs that these islands were famous for before the tourism, such as cheese making and salt works. Here, urban is mixed with rural and, one can say for sure that, it is the charm of these islands. On one of them, Pag, is the most popular location for youth and those who feel young –  Zrće is for the ones who like to party hard. Besides the clear water and a huge pebble beach, this destination is the burning core of the beach parties. It became so popular in the past few years that people call it the Croatian Ibiza.

You will find that Croatia is a country that treasures more than you expect and has a lot to offer to its tourists; amazing nature, tradition, cuisine, hospitality, culture and history. One visit is not enough to see everything, but it is a good starting point, and when you visit this beautiful country, you will not stop. Once you are here, you will become a loyal visitor because Croatia will lure you year by year with its charm to come and discover the rich heritage that it nurtures through history. Come and experience the real Croatia!

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