Croatia is the perfect holiday destination

Holiday in Croatia

January 26, 2015 • Articles

Among the wonderful places of this world, there are some where time seems to never pass the same as everywhere, where a unique combination of natural beauty and deep cultural heritage form marvelous destinations. Croatia is such a place, recently emerging as a fascinating tourist destination, it has more to offer than most people know or even imagine. An amazing experience awaits those who venture to explore and discover the authentic Croatia, with an immense variety of experiences and sights. From the stunning Adriatic coast with hundreds of beaches and coves, over a thousand islands and majestic medieval towns cut into the sea, with charming traditional villages that still preserve the authentic culture of Croatia, with some exceptional natural landscapes and parks, but also with modern cities and quality hospitality services, this truly is a great tourist destination.

Holiday in CroatiaCroatia has much to offer, but most travelers dream of visiting the coastline, the long seashore at the Adriatic Sea, featuring maybe the most dramatic scenery of Europe. From the famous city of Dubrovnik in the south, passing through cities like Split, Zadar, Rijeka or Pula, each new kilometer reveals stunning sights, the turquoise waters of the Adriatic kissing the rocky or sandy beaches, remote coves where travelers can find intimacy and romanticism, lush sunny islands where one can still find old fishing villages and so much more. One thing that Croatia is famous for are the old towns of the seashore, veritable medieval strongholds built right by the sea, with stone walls and cobblestone streets, with that rustic atmosphere that attracts visitors over and over again. Although Croatia has become one of the top destinations of the world, the vast expanse of coast and the countless islands still make it extremely desirable.

Croatia travel tipsThe interior of the country is equally enchanting for people who wish to explore, departing from the beautiful capital of Zagreb, with its specific traditional and old feel, featuring fascinating museums and medieval architecture, but also beautiful natural parks and surroundings. Another famous destination in Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a true wonder of the natural world, unique and unforgettable. The azure crystal clear waters of these otherworldly lakes form an enchanting scenery, worth exploring and admiring. Croatia is also a rich cultural destination, with plenty of places where traditions and customs are still present, part of the everyday life. Croatia offers a rich and diverse cuisine, great wines and an overall positive experience. The country has come a long way in the last two decades or so, developing a modern tourism industry.

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