Important information, web pages and telephone numbers in Croatia

To enter Croatia you will need a valid passport or, for some countries (EU), a personal identity card will be enough.

Here is a list of the most important telephone numbers in Croatia:

  • (+385) 112 – emergency number
  • (+385) 192 – police
  • (+385) 193 – fire brigade
  • (+385) 194 – ambulance
  • (+385) 195 – search and rescue at the sea
  • (+385) 1987 – road assistance
  • (+385) 1 4640 800- HAK (Croatian automobile club)
  • (+385) 11888 – telephone directory
  • (+385) 18166 – weather forecast
  • (+385) 18981 – general information
  • (+385) 11802 – international telephone directory

As you can see, the country code of Croatia is 00385, which you should type if calling from a foreign mobile phone. On this page you can find country codes for any country in the world:

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is connected with bus lines with every town in Croatia, this is the web page of Zagreb bus station: where you can find information about departure and arrival of every bus line from Zagreb or to Zagreb. These are also the web pages of a few other biggest bus stations in Croatia:

If you are travelling by plane on the web page of Zagreb airport ( you can find all necessary information for international or national flights departing from Zagreb or arriving in Zagreb. These are web pages of the other four airports in Croatia:

Since Croatia has exactly 1244 islands and islets you probably will be needing ferries. On this page: you can find all ferry lines in Croatia, but since there is a few private agencies in every county that also have boat lines to the islands it is the best to ask local touristic information center for more information. These are phone numbers for some info centers:

  • +385 1 481 4051- info center Zagreb
  • +385 23 316 166- info center Zadar
  • +385 51 209 691- info center Rijeka
  • +385 21 345 606- info center Split
  • +385 20 323 887- info center Dubrovnik

Every foreigner who needs a visa can fill visa application on this page: and print the application and together with other necessary documents apply for it in Croatian embassy, or even with help of accredited  travel agency.

Custom regulations in Croatia are, off course, harmonized with European Union but when entering in Croatia you do not have to pay VAT only for items worth 1000 kn or less. It is also good to know that VAT is refunded to everyone who has not permanent or temporary residence in Croatia and if the amount per receipt is 740kn or more. Purchased goods have to be exported from Croatia in no more than three months and foreigner must claim tax refunds within six months from the date on the receipt. You can find more information here:

For easier planning of your journey by car and for some other useful information (like locations of gas stations) I recommend this web page:

We previously mentioned the phone number of Croatian automobile club but on their web page you can always check road conditions.

If you’re in need of medical treatment while on vacation in Croatia, foreign visitors who have health insurance in their country are not obliged to pay for emergency medical services during their vacation in Republic of Croatia if a convention of Social Security has been signed between Croatia and their country. In a case that no such convention was signed a foreigner personally pays for medical treatments.

These are public holidays in Croatia:

  • 1 January- New Year’s Day
  • 6 January – Epiphany
  • 1 May- Labour day
  • 22 June- Anti-Fascist Resistance Day
  • 25 June- Statehood Day
  • 5 August- Victory Day and National Thanksgiving Day
  • 15 August- Assumption Day
  • 8 October- Independence Day
  • 1 November- All Saints’ Day
  • 25-26 December- Christmas holidays
  • Easter Sunday and Easter Monday
  • Corpus Christi

Public services are closed on these dates, other days they usually work from 8 a.m. untill 4 p.m.. Most of the shops are also closed on these dates, but usually they work from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. or even later during the season.

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