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Vacation in Croatia prices

January 17, 2015 • Quick tips

In this first article we decided to provide answers on some of the most important questions which should help every tourist that plans to take their vacation in Croatia. So let’s get started:

Q: What is the currency in Croatia?

A: Croatian currency is kuna (KN). Current medium exchange rate for US dollar is 6,61 and for Euro it is 7,67 meaning for 100$ you get 661 HRK and for 100€ you get 767 HRK.

Q: How to reach us?


  1.  By plane: Croatia has five airports, the biggest and the most important one is Zagreb airport. The other four are situated in Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Rijeka (island of Krk) and Osijek, these positions guarantee you that every touristic destination is easily reached by plane. While Zagreb airport belongs to international air traffic network, airports in Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik and Rijeka are also very well connected with flights of national airline company Croatia airlines and some other companies like Ryanair , Germanwings, Lufthansa, Air France,Scandinavian Airlines etc. Few of them are low tariff companies that allowed lower flight prices which enabled the younger population to reach Croatia in the easiest way. At least one thing to support the thesis that Croatia is a popular destination within the younger population :).

  2. By car: Croatian coast is from Zagreb easily reached with highway route Zagreb-Split and Zagreb-Rijeka, but for arrival in Dubrovnik we really recommend travelling by plane or at least half day break, for example in Split or Trogir, before continuing your route to Dubrovnik.

  3. By bus: Regural international bus lines connect Croatia with the most emitting countries in Europe like Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Hungary and also with Bosnia and Hercegovina. Smaller villages and towns are also very well connected with national bus lines.

  4. By boat: Regular ferry lines connect Rijeka and Split daily and Zadar and Šibenik between them while lines to Dubrovnik are not so often. You can check all ferry lines and the time of their arrival and departure on this page : There are also regular boat lines from Zadar to Ancona and from Split and Dubrovnik to Pescara and Bari.

  5. By train: Zagreb is connected with Rijeka and Split, but my personal advice is to avoid trains in Croatia since they are nothing like TGV. For example, a travel from Rijeka to Zagreb will last about four and a half hours while by bus it will last about two hours and 40 minutes. As the destination is further it gets worse, there is a lot of disconnecting and connecting of wagons and locomotives.
Q: What is public transport like in Croatia?

A: Around Zagreb you can easily get around by tram and bus lines (one way ticket is at the moment 10kn), around Zadar, Split, Rijeka and Dubrovnik there are also regular bus lines and the one way ticket is 10 to 15 HRK (1,5-2$/1,3-2€). We would recommend asking the price locals because bus drivers are keen on earning extra cash especially during the season.  Taxi prices are also pretty affordable, in bigger cities it’s about 50kn (10 kuna more or less) within 5km  and every extra kilometer is charged about 5 to 10 HRK (0,7-1,5$/0,6-1,3€). It can vary during the season but, also, be careful not to get ripped off.

Q:  What are the prices and types of accommodation in Croatia?

A: Depending on your social status you can stay in five or four stars hotels, or maybe in pretty  comfortable three stars hotels or apartments or even in hostels which are more popular with the younger population. The prices are different during the season so we made a general comparison between prices during March and August.  The prices are checked for every bigger touristic destination like Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Rovinj, Opatija… Let’s start with the more affordable accommodation like hostels  and apartments.

Accommodation prices in March:

  • Hostel room: from 100 HRK (13€/ 15$) to 350 HRK (45€/ 52$)
  • Apartment: 350 HRK (45€/52$) to 500 HRK (64€/74$)
  • Three-star hotel***:300 HRK (39€/44$) to 600 HRK (77€/88$)
  • Four-star hotel****: 500 HRK (64€/74%) to 900 HRK (115€/132$)
  • Five-star hotel*****: about 1000HRK (128€/147$)

During August prices get a bit spicier, while in Zagreb you can still find a four stars hotel room for about 400(52€/59$) to 500kn (64€/74$), on the coast you will not be so lucky.

Accommodation prices in August:

  • Hostel room: about  500 HRK (64€/74$)
  • Apartment: from 400 HRK (52€/59$) to 700 HRK (90€/103$)
  • Three-star hotel***: from 400 HRK (52€/59$) to 900 HRK (115€/132$)
  • Four-star hotel****: from 900 HRK (115€/132$) up to 1700 HRK (217€/249$)
  • Five-star hotel*****: from 1000kn (128€/147$) up to 2500kn (320€/366$) or even 3000 HRK (384€/293$) in Dubrovnik

We can recommend pages like or where booking becomes much easier and sometimes even cheaper.

Q: Where to eat and drink in Croatia and for what price?

A: For a quick and cheap snack there is a lot of fast food restaurants.  We have chosen for you some of the most common food and drinks.

  • A sandwich with ham and cheese: 15 – 20 HRK (2-3€/3-4$)
  • A sandwich with chicken: 25 – 30 HRK (3,5 €/4$)
  • One slice of pizza: about 10 HRK (1,5€/1,5$)
  • Whole pizza: 30 HRK to 50 HRK (about 6€/6$) 
  • Some pasta: from 60 HRK (7€/9$) to about 120 HRK (15€/18$), it depends on the location od the restaurant and also on ingredients
  • Original cheese from the island of Pag: about 450 HRK (57€/66$) per kilogram
  • Dalmatian smoked ham or prosciutto: will cost you about 500 HRK (60€/74$) per kilogram
  • Fish plate for two people: about 150 HRK (18€/22$), or about  300 HRK (38€/44$) in some restaurant  with better position and, sometimes, chef.
  • Bottle of beer: 20 HRK (2,5€/3$)
  • Mixed drinks (like a coke and jager):  about 25-30 HRK (3-3,8€/ 4-5$)
  • Cocktails: about 30-40 HRK (4€/5$) or up to 80-100 HRK (10-12€/ 12-15$) in some fancier places.

Q: What is the situation with parking in Croatia?

A: The price of parking per hour is about 10-20 HRK (1,5-3$/1,3-2,6€), depending on the vicinity of the city center.  During the season in Dubrovnik one hour of parking near the city center can go up to 40 HRK (5,8$/5,2€). Anyway, you like the prices or not, there is a lack of parking places in every city in Croatia so we are not recommending going to city center by car.

We covered the most important areas, for more specific information and interesting stories just continue to follow this page :).

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