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January 14, 2015 • Quick tips


Zadar is easily reachable by any means of transport, whether  it is road, sea or air transport .  From March to October there are regular low tariff airplane lines to more than 20 European cities, throughout the year there are also regular airplane lines to Zagreb and Pula. If you choose to arrive by car or a bus, from Zagreb you will need about three hours if you take A1 highway route.

The pay toll:

  • Zagreb – Zadar: 121 HRK (18$/16€), 194 HRK (29$/25€) for campers.

If you prefer to travel by boats there is a regular boat line from Zadar to Ancona (Italy).

Boat prices (Ancona – Zadar):

  • a seat: 300 HRK (44$/39€) and about 400 HRK (59$/52€) during weekends
  • car transport: 400 HRK (59$/52€) and during weekends about 500 HRK (74$/64€)
  • motorcycle transport: 180 HRK (27$/23€) or 250 HRK (37$/32€)

We have not mentioned traveling by train because the journey lasts pretty long since Croatian trains and rails are a bit outdated.


Hostel stay:

Hostels, as usual, offer more affordable prices.  However, during peak season even their prices are a bit higher. It is recommendable to book the room as early as possible.

  • March: 130 HRK (19$/17€) to 400 HRK (59$/52€)
  • August: 150 HRK (22$/20€)  to 800 HRK (118$/103€).

Hotel accommodation:

Depending on the class of the hotel the price range is rather wide.

Three-star hotels***

  • March: 500 (74$/64€) to 750 HRK (110$/96€)
  • August: 600 (88$/77€) to 1000 HRK (147$/128€)

Four-star hotels****

  • March: 740HRK (109$/95€) to 1050 HRK (155$/135€)
  • August: 1100 (162$/141€)to 2400 HRK (353$/307€)

Five-star hotels*****

  • March: 1100 (162$/141€) to 1800 HRK (265$/230€)
  • August: 2000 (294$/256€) to 3100 HRK (456$/396€)

Private accommodation prices:

Private apartments take the biggest part of accommodation offer in Zadar. There are also some exclusive apartments with exceptional views and luxurious furniture that have also a bit higher prices.

Private accommodation:

  • March: 240 (35$/31€) to 450 HRK (66$/58€)
  • August: up to 700 HRK (103$/90€)

Exclusive apartments:

  • March: 450 (66$/58€) to 1000 HRK (147$/128€)
  • August: 1200 (177$/154€) to 2200 HRK (324$/281€)


COUCHSURFING – you probably have heard about this recent trend in tourism. For example: you host someone from Zadar at your home, and during the summer he does the same for you. It is not only cheaper but you also get to introduce a local culture a bit better. You only have to join the page and choose your future host. Couchsurfing is also very popular in Zadar so it should not be a problem to find a suitable host.

Since some hotels and beaches are a bit far from the city center it is certain you are going to use  a public transport. Zadar has a good network of bus lines, although the problem can be returning from a night out since there are no lines between 1-1:30 a.m. till 5 a.m.. Luckily, a cab ride is not expensive.

Bus ticket:

  • one way: 10 HRK ( 1,38$/1,30€)
  • two way: 16 HRK (2,3$/2,04€)

Cab price:

  • 40 (6$/5,11€) or 50 HRK (7,4$/6,4€)


Price range of the food is wide, naturally depending on the type of the restaurant, its location or simply depending on the exclusivity and  expensiveness of the grocery by itself. We have picked for you some of the most common food. If you want to taste local dishes ask locals for recommendations because they will know which places have good food and low prices.

  • A slice of pizza: about 10 HRK (1,5$/1,3€)
  • Pizza: between 30 (4,4$/3,8€) and 45 HRK (6,6$/5,8€)
  • Chicken or salami sandwich: 15 to 30 HRK (about 6-8$/2-4€)
  • A plate of pasta:  40 (6$/5€) to 70 HRK (11$/9€)
  • Beer/ mixed drinks: 20 (3$/2,5€) to 30 HRK (4,4$/3,8€)


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