Varaždin – a timeless gem of the north

Varaždin Croatia

April 16, 2015 • Locations

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But not one picture, not even two, or thousands of pictures can capture enough about what kind of story Varaždin withholds; Widely known for its baroque buildings, music, impressive museums and festivals, it’ll leave the experiences imprinted in your mind. This is a city you’ll see idyllic shots from in movies with cultural, historic elements – a city you’ll have to have on your bucket list to visit once in your lifetime.

Varaždin managed to keep their authenticity in their renovated baroque buildings intact and any lover of the arts and the urban can tip their hat off to it. Their urban complexes are like eye candy; the best in continental Croatia.

Varaždin national theaterSeveral baroque and rococo palaces and houses will be found in the town. To drop a name of a place that’s worth to visit is Varaždin’s Croatian National Theater, constructed in 1873 and worked out by the two well-known Viennese architects, Herman Helmer and Ferdinand Fellner. It serves in a rural place in which the theater tradition is abundant in its variety. In 1788, the first theater took place in Varaždin. The entertainment was played out in the Croatian and German language in the 19th century. The German theater ruled just before limit of the century and it had an important part in the growth of the theater culture and the advancement of the Croatian theater in the main.

Every year since 1971 you’ll see a baroque music festival in Varaždin, very attractive to the greatest musicians and their fans across the country and abroad. The festival respects the glory of baroque music and culture, these two hold an exclusive spot in Varaždin’s character.

Varaždin CroatiaIt is worth mentioning that since 1999 there’s an authentic street festival in September annually: Špancirfest, with a longevity of 10 days. In the course of these days Varaždin frequently entertains up to 100,000 tourists coming from all over Croatia and the neighboring countries. The town is transformed into a full-blown entertainment zone. Concerts, shopping booths, and food are served and several street performers and artists of all kinds make an appearance on the streets.

Present-day, Varaždin is an attractive objective to visit as a vacation trip in the summers. The city has a diverse range of activities, from cultural areas judging by the many theaters, museums and galleries in the area, to malls, to many recreation activities, to also a well-off history in cuisine.

If you think this town can’t get any more idyllic, it is true that Varaždin has a cemetery that’s known as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. An exceptionally good representative whenever it comes to landscape architecture. Very preserved culturally, kept naturally and an idealistic park you could appreciate. Back in 1773 it was a usual space until 1995, then an idea emerged to create the place more park-like with large trees and alleys for citizens to have their peaceful walks through. Between 1905 and 1947 the cemetery got rebuilt and later got its form to become a delight to your senses and mind.

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