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March 23, 2015 • Locations

This old coastal town is known for the summer season, long coast and very clear water; there are a few beaches that even have the blue flags, which means that they are crystal clear and clean. Split is a combination of an urban area and a summer resort, which makes it such a unique destination to visit. It is considered to be about 1,700 years old, if you count the time from the construction of Diocletian’s Palace. But, some of the archeological researches prove that it existed much longer; it was founded back in the 4th century B.C. as a part of Greek colonies, a city named Asphalatos.

Split panorama

The ancient beauty of Split is mixed with unique colors of the Mediterranean, which is the main essence that makes this coastal landscape something that is worth visiting and brings joy to everyone who spends their time in it. A symbol of Split and the main and favorite place for hanging out, both for the locals and tourists, is the Riva. This promenade dates centuries ago, but the look that it has today carries from the 19th century. Even though it was recently renovated, it was and stayed the heart of Split. It is not just the promenade itself that seems interesting for visitors, but the architecture that surrounds it. Another stunning attraction that can be found on the Diokletian's palace SplitNorth part of the Riva is the Diocletian’s Palace, which represents one of the most important and well-preserved ancient buildings. The fact that an Egyptian statue is placed next to the palace by his orders proves how much this Roman emperor loved Split. The most vibrant part of this complex is Peristil, which is the core of Diocletian’s Palace and one of the favorite places for tourists. An important historical figure for Split is also St. Domnius and in his honor there is a yearly event, a rowing regatta that gathers students, amateurs and pros from the European universities.  As a part of the Diocletian’s palace, there is a Cathedral of St. Domnius that was originally a mausoleum built for the emperor Diocletian, but turned into a church. The most famous statue in Split is probably the statue of Bishop Grgur Ninski, located on the Northern entrance of the Diocletian’s Palace. A nice place for relaxing in Split, besides the sea and beaches, is for sure is Strossmayer’s Garden. It is located near the main attractions in Split, like those mentioned above, but it is in the same time a peaceful place over 200 years old. Another relaxing place where nature is the main attraction is Marjan, a part of Split most popular with sportsmen and nature lovers. Besides beautiful woods and trails, there are some cultural attractions like galleries and old churches. Most of the people who come to Split forget about their problems and obligations and just let the beauty of Split, their women, the sea and the nature to enchant them. It would be a real shame, for anyone who comes here, not to cruise along the waters around Split and visit some of the nearby islands like Šolta and Brač.

Split is also the home to the Ultra Europe music festival, you can read more about it here: Ultra Europe music festival Split.

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